Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Eastside Stitchers' Regular Meet Up

Shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone, but, it doesn't always rain here.

We had the most gorgeous day today.  It was a perfect day for knitting with friends at Crossroads in Bellevue, WA.

BlueBerryMary brought her gorgeous linen stitch scarf.  Both of the photos I took are horrible.  Here is one of them:

Wajio has heels and part of the feet on her socks.
VanesaPolo brought her newest pattern. She is still in the designing stage, but she let me get a bit of a photo.
nightorchid brought her cabled hat.  It is a much richer red than this photo shows.
Tara1682 is on the second color in her leav shawl by Kitman Figueroa.
WireKnitter was just beginning a very interesting pattern.
I thought the stitch might be like one in the 2014 Advent Calendar Scarf, but after looking at most off the patterns, I think I was wrong.

Look what ReadnitDream brought!  (And, I don't mean her darling daughter.)  She has made a spindle using a CD.  She also brought her first spindle spun and plied yarn.
While ReadnitDream worked on a new shawl,
her darling daughter practiced her spinning.

Domesticshorthair joined us near the end.  She was wearing a gorgeous black lace weight wrap, and knitting a rainbow.
shaping the planet with fiber friends.

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