Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Eastside Stitchers Regular (and awesome) Wednesday


We have been having the most amazing clear days.  It rained all last weekend, but now the rain is gone and the skies are clear and blue. 

The Doc has a theory about why so many people moved to Southern California.  He thinks it is linked to the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl.  See, every New Year's Day, there is a big parade in Pasadena followed by a college football game.  Every year the weather is beautiful.  It is usually in the 80's F (26.7 C) and sunny.  People who are living in normal wintery climates turn on their TV's and see people sitting in shorts and t-shirts watching a parade of flowers in the sunshine think, I want to live THERE.

We have the opposite thing happen.  The Pacific Northwest, and Seattle in particular, have been on national TV the last 2 weekends for our conference championship football games.  Both weekends, our games were the early "day" games rather than the night games.  What did viewers see when they turned on their TV's?  Gray skies and rain rain rain.  I am sure they were all thinking, I do NOT want to live there; it rains all the time in Seattle.

Ha ha ha ha ha When I was sitting in the cell phone lot at SeaTac Airport waiting for Moogie to come out to the curb, and listening to the after game show on the radio, it was not only pouring, but hailing!  This is what everyone sees.  Then this week, after all the cameras have left, the skies cleared, and we have had 2 days of gorgeous sunshine.

Anyway, tonight was the regular Wednesday meet up of the Eastside Stitchers.  I forgot my camera last week, and so did not get any photos of our great group.  We had quite a big group both last night, and tonight.  We are really "legit," as my son Himes would day.  I did bring my camera tonight. 

Wajio left before I got a photo of her project. But I did get one of Tara1682s newest beaded lace shawl.
The pattern is leav by Kitman Figueroa.  This shawl is based on the Wingspan Shawl, and is knit in wedges.  Tara plans to knit the different wedges in gradually darkening shades of teal.  This should be amazing.

This horrible photo is of VanesaPolo's newest design.  I can't wait to see what the finished object looks like.
BlueWolfWalking has started another hat by Wooly Wormhead.  She also brought a finished hat to show and tell.
ReadnitDream is almost finished with the brioche vest she is knitting for her Darling Husband.
If you look at the neck opening, you can see that this vest is reversible.
BlueBerryMary got a gorgeous skein of variegated marino/cashmere/nylon blend from her daughter in Tennessee.
She is knitting a linen-stitch cowl. 
This blurry photo is of WireKnitter's Custom Fit sweater.  Sorry I didn't get a decent shot of the beautiful border pattern.
JitteryKnitter is almost finished with her colorwork vest.  She is on the ribbing at the bottom.  Then, she will steek the project in the front.

GwenS is working on an OWL.  She has begun chart 3.  I am impressed that she is able to knit lace at Knit Night.

Guess what Puzan was knitting?  *Answer given after the final photo.

shaping the planet with a knitting group.
*answer:  a cowl.

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