Monday, January 5, 2015

Planned Pooling


I know I posted the above photo a couple of days ago, but I just love it.

On Sunday, under the direction of VanesaPolo, we started a Planned Pooling project.  We all own beautiful variegated yarns that we just don't know how to use.  Somehow, the pooling of the colors is just weird.  What if you could plan how the colors would pool and use this to create an intentional design.  You can with Planned Pooling.

VanesaPolo has read some books, and we have watched a few shows on Knitting Daily on this topic.  Basically, for every multicolor skein that has a regular repeated order of colors, you can make the yarn pool in specific ways.

Vanesa and I are making cowls.  We are changing the stitches for the different colors.  Also, we have worked with the stitch count so the colors stack.  They should form vertical stripes (more or less.)
This is Vanesa's project.  The stripes aren't perfect, but I think you can already see how the fabric is striping.

Here is my project:

I'm using yarn from WireKnitter.  I started with a provisional cast on.  I knit until my yarn hit the first color again.  I have 3 colors: yellow, black and white.  The black and uellow are in the skein twice so there are 5 different colors.  Here is my project with the waste yarn and the beginning of my notes.
I hope I have at least a bit of the project to show you by the weekend.  It is really addictive.  I keep wanting to see if the colors are striping.

shaping the planet with variegated yarn.

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