Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Eastside Stitchers, Last Wednesday in October


So I get to Crossroads at about 5 pm and no one is there.  The big round table near Half-Price Books and Starbucks is empty, and so is the 2nd big table in the corner.  I grab a seat at the table, and get to hooking.  I'm making 4 "Minion" hats for Halloween, and need to get them finished.  It hits 5:15 and still no one arrives.  5:30 and I am alone.  This is weird.  Where is GwenS and Addie?  Where is VanesaPolo and Emma?  Just when I was thinking that it was going to be a really weird night with NO Eastside Stitchers, CathieC arrived.

We had this HUGE windstorm last weekend.  On Saturday, our power went out when 2 trees took out power lines on the 24th St. NE hill.  I sat in the living room listening to fir cones hit my roof with a thud thud thud, the much louder THUDS as branches started hitting my roof.  Across the lake I saw flashes of what I thought might be lightning, but what were really the transformers blowing.  Our power cut out at about 9 pm Saturday night.  There were lights to the south, but east across the lake towards Issaquah, and north towards Sammamish and Redmond was total black.  I texted various members of Eastside Stitchers and quite a few of us lost power at the same time.  Some of the lucky ones got theirs back quickly (Skeinherder!) or really didn't lose power at all (JulieMustKnit!)  Sunday knitting at Panera had to be switched to Crossroads because Panera in Redmond had no power.  Since my house was dark and cold, I really wanted to go somewhere for breakfast, so I picked up GwenS and Addie, and we met a few friends at Crossroads where there was Light and Warmth.  My power came back on very late that night, or really very early Monday morning.  Doc and I piled extra blankets on the bed and hunkered down.  Poor CathieC didn't get her power back until mid-day on Monday.  But it seems that we all have power once more.

Anyway, I wondered if people were still digging out (or sweeping up and cutting felled trees) and so we would not really have a group tonight, but I was wrong as we ended up using both big round tables.

Wajio brought a Knitted Knocker.
She had a paperclip holding the nipple part together, we called it her "pierced nipple."  She has finished this first one and will get started on its pair soon.

GwenS is knitting another baby sweater.
The pattern is Curve by Terri Kruse and I'm pretty sure the yarn is Malabrigo.

Jessica brought her very first knitting project, a scarf.
It will be fun to watch her knitting skills and the scarf grow.

And now for the Exit 0 Shawls.  Let's hope I remember who is knitting which shawl.

This is JulieMustKnit's Exit 0.  She has finished the first 2 sections.

And, here is WireKnitter's:
They are at about the same spot, which you can easily see.  It is so interesting to see how the different colors look in this pattern.

WireKnitter also brought a finished shawl for Show and Tell.  The pattern is Ananke by Shannon Squire Designs, and the yarn is Blue Moon Fibers Socks that Rock.

And here is CathieC's Exit 0:
She was worried about a decrease that she missed, but there is no way to see it.  And we encouraged her to forget about ripping back (see the stitch marker, that's where the missed decrease is!) and knit on.  She is almost ready for the second section.

Ok, I think this next piece of knitting is VanesaPolo's.  I know she was starting a project that began with a TON of stitches.
Tara1682 finished her Iznik I Heart You Shawl.
I know this is a gift, and she was really motivated to get it off the needles.  This is absolutely beautiful.  The photo does not do it justice.

And lastly (because she arrived last) is domesticshorthair.  She brought her Concentric shawl by Melanie Dilworth.
I think she had put this away for a bit, and when she pulled it out, the yarn was in a bit of a tangle.  It is all straightened out now, and she is back to knitting.

That's all for now.  We are expecting wind again this coming weekend, so let's hope that all the weak trees have already fallen, and we will have a very uneventful storm.

shaping the planet with yarny friends.

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