Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Eastside Stitcher


Tonight, on the way home from the regular meet up of Eastside Stitchers at Crossroads in Bellevue, Tara1682 and I were talking about how much we look forward to these meet ups.  Even though we are both busy with work, and tired at the end of the day, it is so relaxing to sit at the round tables and knit with friends. 

We had a fun group tonight.  First, it was the adorable Addie's first birthday (and a special Happy Birthday to Redbird1 who shares this date).
Emma joined us at the round table, too and she and I had a lot of fun playing Peek-a-boo.
Emma's mom, VanesaPolo was starting a new design.
Not a lot to show right now, just the very beginning.

Wajio is working on another set of mittens for The Detroit Achievement Academy.
I tried to check out her project pages to see how many she has finished so far, but she is horrible at updating, and has only 1 mitten project posted.  Well, I can say that she has made a ton.

CathieC has changed her yarn choice for her Exit 0 Shawl.  She originally thought she would use these three colors of Malabrigo
But she decided that the coral was too much and now her shawl looks like this:
JulieMustKnit is working on the same shawl.She has gotten a bit farther, but then she had some airplane knitting time last week.
Jennifer is working on her very first knitting project, but I didn't get a photo tonight.  I thought I'd let her finish her row... then forgot to go back for the picture.

JitteryKnitter was knitting a Boob.
The Seattle Knitters Guild has taken this up as a charity.  They will be used as prosthetic breasts by mastectomy survivors.  The charity is called Knitted Knockers.  I kid you not.

Puzan started a pair of knitters, and was trying the magic loop method, but she wasn't sure how much she liked it.  She also brought her latest cowl to work on.

GwenS brought an Antler Hat in ... Malabrigo.  (It is Stockpile month, after all.)

Tara1682 is knitting Green Linen Stitch Scarf #2.  I'm not sure which number Linen Stitch Scarf this is.  All of them have been beautiful.
And finally, meet our newest member, nightorchid.  She is a "new" knitter, and yet she brought this beautiful cabled hat.
The pattern is 3AM Cable Hat by SmarieK.  I hope she had fun.  She fit right in and joined in our conversation. 

That's all for tonight.
shaping the planet with a new knitting neighbor.

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