Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Regular Wednesday Night for Eastside Stitchers

We had a nice size group at Crossroads for the regular Wednesday Night meet up of Eastside Stitchers.

I was a bit late because I stopped at Dough Zone, which is behind Crossroads, for dumplings which I brought for my dinner.  There were other people at our regular table, and the group was a bit crowded at a rectangular table nearby.  But there was a chair for me and we just sat close together until the group at our table left. and we could move over.

Addie tried out some knitwear, but she was more interested in her duck toy.

JulieMustKnit started another pair of mittens for the Detroit Achievement Academy.  I think we are down to 4 more pair needed. and tonight. Julie, Wajio and I were all knitting mittens.  We will have the amount we need by the deadline (next Sunday), for sure.

Wireknitter brought her Exit 0 Shawl.  She is using Madelinetosh tosh light.
JulieMustKnit brought a gift for Wajio.  Julie is the official librarian of our group, and after listening to Wajio's description of the class she took at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival on knitting mittens from the top down, Julie found the book by Beverly Royce that describes the special double knitting technique.
I hope to get a look at this book, too.  What was Wajio knitting tonight? 
Mittens, of course!

CathieC brought her Exit 0 Shawl.  She is making real progress.
I like to tease Cathie because I have seen her 3 times in a week, and when you see someone's knitting that often, it can be hard to see progress.  But tonight, I could really see how far she has gotten.

GwenS had been knitting that shawl, too.
It will be so much fun to compare the shawls when they are all finished.

nightorchid joined us again.  It is nice when we meet new people, and even nicer when they come back a second time.  She brought the cabled hat she was knitting last week for show and tell,
and the matching mittens:
Tara1682 brought her beaded shawl. Ratz, I forget the name of the pattern.  The photos is not the best, but if you look closely you can see the gazillion beads.
BlueBerryMary brought 2 different projects.  One is a Hitchhiker shawl that she is knitting in Halloween colors.
The other project Mary brought is a lovely lace and textured cowl in a hemp/cotton blend yarn.
The yarn shows off the stitch patterns perfectly.

I brought mittens, too, and hope to finish them tomorrow.  If I do, I'll post a photo.  I have really enjoyed making the hats and mittens for this school, and hope to keep it up next year, too.

shaping the planet one mitten at a time

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