Thursday, October 2, 2014

The one where I confess to being Rude


Today I  monitored my school's "Work Completion Zone" after school.  Students  are assigned to Work Completion Zone (WCZ) if they don't complete their homework on time.  We take homework seriously, and all students are expected to complete all assignments.

Anyway, once the students are signed in, they sit pretty quietly and do the work.  If they finish early, they may leave.  I usually knit or crochet during this hour if no one needs help with an assignment.  Today, one of the students who is frequently assigned to WCZ asked what I was knitting.  After patiently explaining that I was actually Crocheting, I explained that it was a newborn hat to be donated to a local hospital.  This boy then said, "Can you make me a hat?"

Ugh.  I hate that question even when it is asked by friends.  So I looked right at him and said, "I could, but I won't."

Another student said, "Wow, that was rude."

I responded, "Yarn is expensive.  My time is valuable.  What is rude is to ask someone you barely know to knit you a hat."

shaping the planet with charity hats.

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