Friday, September 20, 2013

Wedding Gifts


Sorry, my computer was freaking out last night, and I just couldn't get any photos to upload here.  Finally I had to give up and just go to bed.  However, I wanted to show you the gifts I made this week for the wedding I am going to on Saturday.

First, about the groom.

Roy, is a friend from high school.  Yes, I have known him that long.  He was my sister's, S, friend first, but since I hung out with her group quite a bit in high school, I knew him well.  We shared a love of the Beatles.  We would go to movie theaters that were playing "Beatles nights."  This would be a marathon of movie/tv clips of the Beatles all taped together into a few hours of Beatlemania.  So Much Fun.

When I was at Notre Dame, he came out to visit and stayed with the Doc in the Doc's dorm room.  Notre Dame has all single sex dorms, so there was no way he could bunk in with me, and Doc's roommate had an off campus apartment, but kept his dorm room, so it was a free bed.  Roy was the first of my family to meet the Doc.  When he got back to Southern California, he had to report to everyone on what kind of guy the Doc was.

That summer, after I graduated from ND, I took a 9 week trip through Europe with another friend.  That same summer, Roy and my brother, Mark, were backpacking/training through Europe, too.  We met up in Paris, Milan, Rome and Venus.  It was so much fun to see familiar faces as we traveled.  I remember trying to give each other annoying earworms as we would say goodbye.  I distinctly remember singing Ebony and Ivory at him as he and Mark boarded the train in Paris, hoping that song would annoy them as they headed towards Germany.

A few years later, the Doc and I spent a summer in New Jersey.  Doc was studying at a hospital in New York for 6 weeks while we lived at his parents' house.  Roy was working on his Master's in Journalism at Columbia.  My sister, S, flew in for a week.  We all met in New York City and spent a few days together while Roy showed us the city.  This time we got to sleep on the floor of Roy's dorm room.  What comes around, goes around.

I am so happy for him as he enters this new phase of his life.  I have met his fiancee only a few times when I was down this past year helping at my brother's, but she seems like a wonderful person.

Their invitation said, "No Gifts, please.  After over 50 years of living, we not only have everything we need, we have 2 of everything."  Doc asked me what gift we were bringing, and I showed him that on the invitation.  So, he said, "OK, what gift are we bringing?"


At first I had thought to make some wine cozies, but my sister, S, told me the bride does not drink alcohol.  She does drink tea.  I know Roy drinks both tea and coffee.  We are giving a teapot.  Why would we give a teapot?  So I can give them a TEA COZY, of course.

I used the Granny Tea Cozy by Alice Best as my template.  Then I made some travel coffee cup/tea cup cozies to match.
And, for good measure, some coasters.

I just need to buy a teapot to go with the set.

Happy wedding Roy and D.  Happy life.

shaping the planet with old friends.

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