Friday, September 27, 2013

finally, Fiber Friday


I can not say how much fun Fiber Fridays are.  I am currently looking for a job, and I get so torn on Friday mornings.  I want a job, I do.  But, wow, I just love Fiber Friday.  It's different from Wednesdays because (usually) Crossroads is quieter, and everything is more low key.  Maybe it's because it is the morning and we are starting the day with Stitching...

Anyway, we had a table for four this morning.  We sat and stitched, I think everyone was knitting today, even CodyJunk, and talked about cats, and moles.  We talked a bit about hummingbirds and how to best feed them, and then bird feeders in general.  We also discussed gardening, and how well maintained the roads are on the Eastside.  What else?  well, yarn and knitting, of course.

I think we were all working on former projects.  Well, Zillalatte might have brought a new Braided Gems Hat.  But since she was knitting the same pattern last week,

it seemed like deja vu.
The new one, however, is in white.
JulieMustKnit brought her beautiful Union Square Cowl.  She is almost finished, but has reached that time when, no matter how much she knits, she just doesn't seem to make progress.  The project end is near.  Julie tried the cowl on to test the length, but she was right, it was still too short.
CodyJunk also brought a cowl.
CodyJunk has knit this cowl, changing needles from aluminum to bamboo.  It was fascinating to see what this simple change (the needle size was the same) did.

I brought my September socks, the Hidden Hearts by Jeannie Cartmel.  After I returned home, I finished up the cuffs, and they are bound off.  I will take some photos tomorrow during the day.  Though, as we are expecting rain, I might almost as well take photos tonight.

shaping the planet with a 4 square at the table.

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