Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lion Pride


I have been sorted into Gryffindor!

The Sorting Hat has finished sorting, and I am Firstie in Gryffindor.  You might remember that back in April I joined the Harry Potter Knitting Crochet House Cup Group in Ravelry.  Last "term" (4 month period) I played as a NQFY (Not Quite First Year), doing class assignments, chatting in the house common rooms, earning badges,

playing Quidditch
and joining the HPKCHC for the Ravellenic Games as well as captaining my own Eastside Stitchers Team in the Games.

You don't have to participate in classes, etc., to be a NQFY, but since there are usually more people in the group than can be comfortably sorted into the 4 HP houses, it improves your chances if you complete at least one class each month.  That is how I started out.  Just one class.  Then I started to get a handle on how the classes worked, and realized that I could turn in most of the things that I am making anyway, the BAMCAL squares and socks for SKA/SolidSocks for instance.  So my last month I turned a ton of stuff.

As a NQFY, there are monthly challenges to help you get to know the other houses and how the game works.  They usually involve visiting the common rooms and asking questions, or at least saying, "hello."  One of the last NQFY Challenges was to talk to people from at least 2 houses and ask them what they like about their house, what makes their house different, and what is the best advice they can give about the game.

I know you won't believe this, but I am shy, and found it hard to just post in strange common rooms, so I found 2 members of each house and sent them each a letter with the questions.  All of them responded promptly, and I learned some nice things.

The members I interviewed were:  GazeboGal, RiverCameron, Kaypendragon, GirlwithaTwist, joseybug, and zillalatte.

What do you like about your House?
Friendships, Great People, The people, The people, silliness and the people.
Hmmmm, are you sensing that all of the Houses are full of fun people?

What makes your House different?
People who love learning new things,  people who work together in teams, laid back fun people, special challenges and unique missions to help you have fun, crazy people who enable/teach you new things, supportive people.
Hmmmm, it seems to me that all 4 Houses are full of people who love to learn and craft and support each other.

What is your best advice for a new member?
The game is supposed to be fun, don't sweat it - remember you just have to complete 1 class each month, don't be afraid to ask questions, craft what you love, fit what you want to craft into the class prompts but take the opportunity to stretch your skills, don't just disappear - let someone know if you are having conflicts and can't participate - your House members will worry, You can do it.

I loved the responses to these 3 questions.  The advice was wonderful.  And I learned that it probably wouldn't matter which house I was sorted into.  When I filled out my sorting form, I wrote that.  I really did not care.  That being said, now that I am in Gryffindor, I am a proud Lion, and will cheer my House on to Victory!

Now I had better get back to work on the Echo Flower Shawl as I am going to try to finish it and turn it on on Sept 1 to get Detention points (they are for WIP's) and also a Gryffindor badge for their WIP the First Challenge, which is to turn in something for Detention on the first day of the month and start out with House points right away.

Stay safe and well.
shaping the planet from the Tower.

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  1. Congratulations! Have a *blast!* I'll wave to you from Ravenclaw Tower -