Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Black Bart Iris 2012.05.23

Tonight the Eastside Stitchers met as usual at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, WA.  I must confess that I was so engrossed in the chat that I did not take photos.  I thought of it briefly when I first sat down, but then I just forgot.

Chockelet brought the yarn she had bought on the 2012 Puget Sound LYS Tour for show and tell.  And what a show it was.  Such beautiful yarn... (no photos though).  We had a really great time discussing the various stores  on the tour and what we liked about each one.  Cleothyla was able to hit about 5 stores, but had done the entire tour last year, so we had a lively discussion.

Chockelet and Allifer (who came really late from work) both brought WIPs using  the most gorgeous lace yarns that they had bought at Churchmouse Yarn & Teas on Bainbridge Island during the Tour.  The rest of us spent quite some time just fondling their yarn.  OOOOOOO soft.  Again, no photos, because I confess that I am an idiot.

MsWiz was making the cutest dog sweater, with a skull and cross bones on it.

GwenS is almost finished with her Color Affection shawl in the beautiful pink, green and brown Malabrigo.

Jan was there, but had forgotten a page of her instructions.  So, she mostly joined in the conversation.

Cleothyla was knitting some beautiful lace.  I think it was the beginning of a shawl.

Tara has made huge progress on her cowl.

I mostly worked on sewing in ends on the many squares I have hooked for the 2012BAMCAL group on Ravelry

Of course, I could say we were all knitting pigs, and you wouldn't know if I were telling the truth or not because I have NO PHOTOS.

Where in the World is f1bercat?

I stitched a total of 4.1 miles today, which puts my total miles at 196.93 miles.  I should hit 200 miles tomorrow.  I remember how excited I was when I hit 100 miles.  Even with my long absence from my flu, I am making good progress.

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Still stuck on the side of the road, but Oregon is beautiful, so I'm having fun.  Even though it rained today.

Not much change from yesterday, but every 4 miles helps.

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Confessions continued.

So here is the real confession for this blog post.  During the LYS crawl, I did laundry every day, sometimes 2 loads, but I did not fold any of it.

I just piled the clean laundry on the loveseat in the TV room, and started another load.  This morning I told myself that I had to get a start on the folding.  So I turned on the TV to the last recorded show of Avatar, The Legend of Korra, and started folding.

When the show ended, I stopped folding because I wanted to knit.

Four folded piles.  But the love seat still looked like this:

EEK!  Then my youngest son, L, told me that he had a load in the washer, and asked if I could switch it to the dryer for him.

The love seat is piled even higher now.

I am confessing that I put knitting before folding laundry.

Stay safe and well.

shaping the planet one non folded piece of clean laundry at a time.

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