Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wondering Wednesday

Tonight was a night of gorgeous hand dyed yarns at Crossroads.

People brought the yarn they dyed at Dye Day at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The yarn above is indigo dyed by KnitterTinkerer.  She dyed a gradient by rolling it into a tight ball and putting the ball into the indigo pot.  The outside dyed, and the inside stayed cream colored.  below is the shawl she is knitting with this gorgeous ball.
ReadnitDream also brought yarn and fiber she had dyed, but she was crocheting a poncho from plain white... go figure.
Anuwizard was knitting an Ipad cozy.
Anuwizard brought the yarn she dyed to show and tell.
She did a great job fading the colors into each other.
Ceecee came to watch the knitting.
GwenS was able to knit a bit over the top of Ceecee.
Wajio was knitting mittens.  It's time to start Christmas knitting.
Anya was there, too!  She was working on her own pink mittens.
As was NightOrchid.  Of course, NightOrchid's mittens are from reclaimed yarn.
I was knitting with hand dyed yarn too, but mine was dyed by Puzan (we missed you! and JitteryKnitter).  I am knitting a cowl from it with a mock honeycomb stitch.  I think it will be beautiful.
shaping the world with my needy cat who has to follow me on my walk

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