Saturday, June 11, 2016

How I spent my morning

Hello, Thank goodness for knitting.  I have spent many weeks here over the last 6 years knitting.  When my brother was still able to work, and my sister-in-law  had to go out of town , I nannied for them, always bringing knitting/Crochet projects to fill the hours. As he was able to do less and less  we watched a ton of TV, mostly Star Trek Next Generation or Deep Space Nine,  but I always had knitting. So now , as I sit here in these last hours, I am knitting. Mark is wearing one of the many pairs of socks I knit him. He would make a joke about my knitting during the show if he were aware. Just in case, I'll be sure to show him this lovely shawl.

But, this is how I will get through this day.
Pray for peace for him.

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