Thursday, June 30, 2016

Vacation Wed

Ugh!  I go back to work next Tuesday.  O, Hello:
Not really Ugh, but sort of.  I'm teaching a month of summer school, and I'm pretty excited about it for many reasons, but also, 2 weeks is not enough vacation between last year and summer school.  I'm really working on getting the whole course set up so all I have to do is teach and correct, and not plan plan plan during the month.

Anyway, last night was my 5th "knitting with friends" activity during this brief 2 week vacation. 

Wajio brought her mittens.  If you look over the last few posts, you can follow her progress.

ReadnitDream is working on a Color Affection for her Mission for the HPKCHC. Go Gryffindor!
Domesticshorthair is knitting Happy Street by Veera Valimaki.
I finished weaving in the ends of my Speckled Shawl, by VanesaPolo.  It was cool enough that I wore it home!
CrunchyNumbers is knitting a pair of Hermione's Every Day socks.
Anuwizard was swatching (!!) with the yarn she dyed at BlueMoon Fiber Arts Dye Day.
Sorry Puzan, blurry photo of Puzan's first toe-up socks.
GwenS came to knit, but mostly worked on expanding the cuteness of Ceecee's cheeks.
JitteryKnitter is ALMOST finished with the shawl she is knitting for a friend.  This photo does not adequately capture the elegance of this piece.
BlueBerryMary made it!  So heroic of her with her new bionic knee.  She was knitting a scarf,  with a bit of tinking, too I think.  I was so impressed at her walking progress and we are all wishing her a swift recovery.
Shaping the planet with my knitting friends.

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