Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Very Busy Veterans Day

I am having the best week.  On Saturday night, I had dinner out (yes it was Mexican food at Cafe Grullense) with Doc, and saw the new James Bond movie at the amazing refurbished Regal Crossroads Cinema.  Sunday was Yarn Church in the morning, and we had a big group, then, for my birthday, Moogie made seared Tuna with a mustard/pistaschio crust, herb salad, and mushrooms.  That afternoon, the two of us baked a Coffee and Walnut Sponge Cake from Mary Berry's Baking Bible.  Everything was delicious.

On Monday, my birthday, we had a special lunch in the Math department with delicious healthy foods (yay!).  My students wished me happy birthday in class after class, and after school, we had Fiber Club.

Tuesday, JitteryKnitter, RoseKimKnits and I went to hear Lydia, the owner of Abundant Earth Fibers, the new fiber mill on Whidbey Island, speak at the Snohomish Knitters Guild. Yes, I bought yarn.  I can't tell you how gorgeous her yarn is.  I bought enough of her fingering weight merino to make an Advent Calendar Scarf.  I'm pretty sure it doesn't count as stash if you buy it for a specific project.

Today, Veterans Day, I had a manicure/pedicure with my 2 daughters, Moogie and Allifer.  Then, Moogie and I went out to lunch, for Dim Sum, at new to us restaurant in downtown Bellevue.  We drove to downtown Seattle to see an Impressionist exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, but they had a fire alarm go off right before we got there, so we couldn't get in and see the art.  That was the only bummer in the day.  We drove back across the floating bridge (on the 90 because I won't pay the 520 tolls), and I went to Crossroads for Eastside Stitchers regular Wednesday night meet up.

Pamela2708 is knitting a lovely lace pattern.
WireKnitter is knitting a really cool textured pattern.  It looks like basketweave at first, but there are these diagonal rows that really change up the pattern.
Hvrmnky was crocheting a peacock feather.

BlueBerryMary has frogged and is reknitting her hat from the south sound LYS tour.
Dreamweaver was working with some very squishy yarn on circular needles.
Puzan was knitting a Helix hat.
JitteryKnitter was making mittens.
Crunchynumbers was starting ... something!
Tara1682 is making her 7th Linen Stitch Scarf!
Our newest member (she doesn't have a Ravatar), was knitting the ribbing on her first hat.
I'm knitting an angora beret.
CrunchyNumbers was at the garterstitch scetion of this shawl. 
 SpinningLizy was doing some major surgery on her scarf.
But, she wanted to show me her latest lace project.

Time for bed.  Hope I got the right projects with each person.

Peace, f1bercat
shaping the planet with yarn (shhhhhh!)

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