Sunday, November 15, 2015

KnitFit 2015

The above photo is Wajio, ReadnitDream, and me posing with our new best friend, Lace Shawl Designer, Sivia Harding.  We all took her Shapes of Lace Shawl Design class at KnitFit! 2015 in Seattle yesterday.  Very very informative class, and I am all fired up to design a lace shawl.

The best thing about KnitFit! this year, though, was the Market.  This small but perfect Market showcased why the Pacific Northwest is Knitting Heaven.  There were so many wonderful Indie Dyers, Producers, Designers, Artisans and Craftpersons, showing off their products.  Here is a taste of what you could find:
Hazel Knits selling GINORMOUS double and triple skein wheels of fingering, dk, and worsted weight yarns.
Local Dyer Blissful Knits
Local Dyer Intrepid Otter
BumbleBirch Yarns from Portland, OR.

ZZ Alpacas Ranch
Spincycle Yarns from Bellingham, WA.

Seattle Sky Dyeworks.

Farm Girl Products, from Lake Stevens, WA.
New yarn bases from YOTH.  Worsted weight Father, and lace weight Mother

All of the beautiful YOTH colors on display.
Huckleberry Knits, one of my favorite Indie Dyers.
I did not buy one of these, and now I am kicking myself.
Three Fates Yarns, from Salem, OR.

I did buy 2 project bags (I just couldn't help myself) and some gorgeous Tardis blue yarn from Smutzerella.  I hope to make the Bigger On the Inside Shawl this winter.

shaping the planet with yarn that doesn't count as stash if you buy it for a specific project...

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