Friday, November 27, 2015

Health Update

Just a quick update on my brother's health.  He continues to deteriorate, but is relatively strong and healthy.  He needs to use his ventilator more and more, but can still talk, though it is quite laborious. He had a great discussion with Moogie about music, giving her about 5 more bands that he has "discovered" recently.  They share a love of music, and have been emailing each other for the last 2 or so years with new bands that they want each other to listen to.

He told me that he loves the Minion hat I crocheted for his daughter last Christmas, and was wearing it when we walked in.  He was also wearing a pair of the socks that I knit for him.  He is truly knit-worthy.  His circulation is pretty bad now, because of his lack of movement, and general swelling, and he is always cold.  I need to make him another hat.  I'm thinking that I will make him a cat hat.

His spirits are still high, and he talked to me about how he was looking forward to Christmas when all of his kids will be home again.  His oldest is a junior in a college in Indiana, and Mark misses him dreadfully.

Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.


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