Thursday, November 12, 2015

fiber club

I thought I would show you my students' projects:

 A truly ginormously wide scarf.  The width is waving in and out a bit, but the knitter just loves it and keeps plugging away.

 Trying to knit with donated mohair!

 Our newest member, she learned years ago but had "forgotten how" and wanted to try again.  She was flying along in no time!

 The kids just can't resist the fuzzy fun art yarns that were donated by the lovely ladies at Fort Worden.  We are trying to knit it together with something with some substance.

 This knitter is actually finding success with this sparkly glittery yarn.

One of the girls is striping a scarf.

I wish you could see how excited they are when they enter the room (Portable 1!) after school on Mondays.

spreading the love of fiber to the next generation.

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