Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fiber Club is Growing

This is an update of Fiber Club.  I substituted for one of the math teachers a week ago, and talked about Fiber Club, and wow, 4 students from that class showed up this week to join in the Fiber Fun.  One was a veteran knitter AND crocheter, (she is making the free-form crochet in this post), but the others were all new to knitting.  I love how my veterans helped with the cast ons and teaching how to do the knit stitch.  The photos immediately above and below are of one of those veterans' projects.  She was knitting a "scarf" pictured below, but decided to bind it off and make it into a knitting bag.  Then she cast on and started another scarf pictured above!
This new knitter has cast on her very first project, and is starting that first row.

This "veteran" is knitting a "headband," or it might be a bracelet.  I try to encourage the newer knitters to make something finishable.

This veteran's ginormous scarf is growing.
This student's very first row.
Free Form Crochet!  This new student jumped right in.
This knitter came back (last week was her first week) and is really trying hard to control the needles.
This new knitter casts on her first row.
Progress from last week for this new knitter.
Amazing progress with one of the Art Yarns.  This student paused today to help others cast on and then taught them the Knit Stitch.

Against all advice, this student wanted to knit with some novelty yarn.  We found a thicker cotton blend to pair with the fuzzy yarn she chose, and ... IT'S WORKING!  Good for her for sticking with her vision.

spreading the love of fiber to the next generation.

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