Saturday, November 21, 2015

Bunny Beret

I finished the beret I have been knitting this week.  The last Quidditch Game for this term was to take a Portkey somewhere, and represent your destination in a project.  I decided to go to Paris (it was before the bombing, but now it is in a bit of solidarity), so I knit a beret.

I started with a bit of I-cord to make a nub on the top, then increased to six stitches.  I put in 6 stitch markers, and increased at the markers every other round.  When the beret got to about 10 inches across, I changed colors.  I was using this amazing feeling 70% angora/30% merino blend yarn.  The colors (if you can't see them well) are light green and violet. 
After I changed to the violet, I knit about one more inch.  Then I did a row of purls so the hat would fold.  I then went back to knitting, decreasing every third round at the stitch markers until it was small enough to knit the band. 
I knit about 1 in of 1 by 1 ribbing, purled a round, then knit 1 in of straight knitting.  I turned the knit part of the band under, and did a three needle bind off picking up stitches from where the ribbed band began.
Moogie asked for it as soon as she saw it.  I steamed it a bit while it had a dinner plate making it round (the topmost photo of the hat.)

It came out great!

façonner la planète de France 

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