Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Santiago Oaks Park

I'm down in Southern California for the Thanksgiving weekend.  I took an unpaid day off from school so I could spend 3 full days with my family.  Such a luxury!  Today, 2 of my sisters (the last one will arrive tomorrow) and I took the younger "cousins" and grandkids to Santiago Oaks Park in Orange.
We hiked the short (0.3 mi long) nature trail loop.
It climbed a bit up a canyon.
The views of the canyon were spectacular.
The trail looped back, and then we took the fork that follows the creek/marsh to an old dam.
The dam has been breached, and there is not much left but a pool at the bottom.  It is great for skipping stones.  The most skips I got today, was 4.
The kids climbed trees.
and just had fun throwing rocks into the pond.
We went back to my sister Sue's house for dinner.  Pookie arrived at about 5 pm.
And Himes drove in from Tucson, arriving at about 10 pm.
It was great to see my boys.  Moogie flew down with me.  Doc and Allifer had to stay in Bellevue because of work.  Tomorrow, I will spend some time with my brother and his wife before the giant family Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house.  My brother won't be able to come to the dinner, so his wife is hosting a much smaller dinner just for their family.  I'm glad I will get to see him for a bit during the day.

Shaping the world with wool.

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