Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wed Night

 Look who finally got off work and came to Wednesday Night Knitting at Crossroads. 
Well, since the project is lace, and the pattern is the Cloisters Wrap, it must be Tara1682!

DomesticShorthair is knitting a Linen-Stitch Scarf!  She admitted that she had been inspired by Tara.
Hairybikers brought the lovely lace blanket she is designing.  She made a really pretty slip-stitch border, and a diamond lace pattern.
ReadnitDream brought a lace shawl she is knitting from her own spindle-spun yarn.

ReadnitDream also brought her latest skein of handspun (from her spindle!)  It's over 400 yds of single ply lace weight.  She also dyed it with food coloring and Kool-Aid.
Wireknitte was test knitting a shawl pattern.  Beautiful yarn!  I can't wait to see the finished shawl.

Wajio was knitting some baby socks.  She finished them, sewed the toes together, and wove in the ends.
shaping the planet with knitting buddies.

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