Wednesday, June 24, 2015

First Day of Summer Vacation


What a gorgeous day.

My first day of summer vacation from school was packed.  I want to try to get into a good routine, but if today was any indication, it won't happen.  ha ha ha ha

I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon this morning.  I have been having a lot of shoulder pain (this happens about every 3 years or so) because I have Bursitis in my left shoulder.  I get a shot of cortizone in the shoulder, and it fixes the problem.  Like a Miracle!

Anyway, I had hoped to go for a walk (got to get in my 10,000 steps every day this summer), but just couldn't seem to get going before the appointment.

So the doctor ordered xrays of both shoulders (the right one has been bothering me, too, but not as badly).  He says the problem is arthritis!  What?  well, I still have some bursitis in the left shoulder, but the pain in the right shoulder is from arthritis, and that I have it in both shoulders.

The good thing is that I get some Physical Therapy to make my upper body stronger, YAY!  training paid for by the insurance.  I was hoping to start working out my upper body this summer.  I have been doing all that walking and riding, but nothing with my arms.  Since my shoulders were hurting, I wanted to see the doctor first.  So I hope to start soon.
I took my walk when I got home, and it was really long for me.

I looped up my street then down to the elementary school.  There is a trail system that goes through the woods behind the school.  I took the lower path towards 24th street.
The path is pretty steep in some areas, and there are little wooden bridges across these small streams.  There are 3 streams.

Many of the trees are old and really tall.
Pretty soon, I was entering Redmond (the city limit is half way down the trail) and then I came out at NE 24th St.
 I walked all the way down NE 24th St.
 and along West Lake Sammamish Parkway until I found my street.
 This was a bit over 9000 steps, so with the steps I took in the doctor's office, I hit my minimum before lunch.
 After lunch, I decided to make some soup.  I needed a few things for the stock, and then when I decided to make Tom Yam (a spicy Thai soup), I needed a few more!  so I ran up to Crossroads to the grocery store.  I had forgotten that on Tuesdays, there is a Farmers' Market at Crossroads.  But I went there first, and got as much as I could, plus some berries (blue, raspberry, and blackberries), and some cherries.
Then I went home and cooked soup.  I finally got to sit down and craft while the stock was cooking.

I worked on my Bex Socks, then after dinner on the new afghan I am making for Quidditch.
I didn't get to knit nearly enough.  I really need to finish those socks and get started on my Combination Theory socks because I am planning a trip to New York City in July to visit Moogie and Pookie, and I know I won't be able to craft much that week.

Ok, off to bed.  It's super late, and I need to walk tomorrow before I start any crafting.  I want it to be cool for my walk.  Also, it's Wednesday night knitting tomorrow, and I need to be rested up!

shaping the planet with long walks.

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