Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesdays with Addie


You get to see Addie if you come on Wednesday nights.  That is probably the best part of our meet ups.  I am still coaching her on saying, "Malabrigo."

Not only was the beautiful Addie at knitting tonight, but her Grandma, Lookout, is visiting from Canada, and she came to knit with us.  She brought a beautiful vest that she has completed, all but the zipper, for which she wanted some zipper advice.  Wireknitter is our resident sewing expert, and she gave some great tips and tricks for sewing a zipper on a knitted item.  But what was Lookout knitting?
A beaded cowl.  Sorry my flash washed out the beautiful yarn.  It is a sort of brownish green with green beads.  At least you can see the knitting.
JulieMustKnit was also knitting ... a cowl... I think for her very knitworthy sister in law.  I want to say that the yarn is Madelinetosh, and the colors just glow.

Guess what GwenS is knitting?  Another Aviatrix!  She is making an 18th month size for Addie.  It's starting to get colder here, and a girl needs an Aviatrix that fits.

WireKnitter brought 2 different lace projects.  How she works on such intricate patterns at Crossroads, I don't know.

But, another lace knitter, Tara1682, also brought a lace project. She is back to work on her Juno Regina Stole by Miriam Felton. 

ReadnitDream brought a hat.
She has started an Anemone Hat by Cat Bordhi.

Anerenbe also showed up for some relaxing knitting.  She brought needles, and some lace weight yarn.  Thank goodness for a smart phone and the wifi in Crossroads.  After a few minutes of searching on Ravelry, she cast on and started a Zilver by Lisa Mutch.

Wajio stopped by for a few minutes to say hi and drop off 3 hats for the Detroit Achievement Academy that one of her work knitting buddies had finished.  These kids are getting some really nice knitwear!

Ok, time for bed.
shaping the planet with knit buddies.

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