Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Really Fast Wednesday Night with Eastside Stitchers

I ran up to Crossroads for just an hour of Eastside Stitchers regular meet up because of THE DESSERT PARTY my darling husband was giving tonight.  I had a chance to grab a quick photo of Addie, thank goodness.

I also got to see Puzan's finished Featherweight Cardigan. It is just lovely, and fits beautifully. 

Puzan and JitteryKnitter were both working on hats for The Detroit Achievement Academy.

We need to have our hats and mittens finished by early October, so we are all trying to get our donations ready.

GwenS brought the Antler sweater she is knitting for Addie.  Does the yarn look familiar?  It is the same Tosh color (Tart) that Puzan used for her cardigan.

Quite a few Eastside Stitchers are knitting the new Exit 0 Shawl by Laura Ayler Designs.   We have a thread going in our group on Ravelry, and they are knitting it as a sort of KAL.

CathieC has not cast on yet as she still wants to swatch, but she brought her yarn choices (you need 3 colors) to show and tell.
Wireknitter and GwenS have both cast on.
Just as I was leaving, Anerenbe arrived.  She is not knitting the Exit 0, but is working on Zilver by Lisa Mutch.

I had to run back home to finish getting ready for the Doc's guests.  They were all golfers on his "team" for a neighborhood tournament this weekend.  Really great guys.

shaping the planet with yummy desserts, because I really love the Doc.

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  1. Thanks, Carol. So glad you were there! Now I finally have a picture for my project page on Ravelry!