Sunday, September 28, 2014



I once heard a poet talk about editing his writing.  Sorry, I don't remember who, but he told this story about how one morning his wife asked him to write a note for their son explaining that he had missed school the day before because he had been sick.  The poet wrote a quick note, then, on rereading it, decided to change the wording a bit to make it more clear.  An hour later, and on the 20th edit of the note, he looked up to see that his wife and son had already left for school, and his wife had written her own note that said, "Please excuse John for his absence yesterday.  He was sick."  We are never satisfied with our work.  There is always Something that can be tweaked just a bit to make it even better.

I love my design for the Vortex Square.  Here is the original design:
I changed it a bit when I wrote up the pattern because I didn't think it Squared enough.
I am making an entire afghan of this square for my next God-child, my oldest God Daughter.  I decided to go back to the original design as I thought the 2nd version was too lumpy looking.
I like the way this looks.  I finished 2 squares and hooked them together.  Then, I started making squares to donate to the Gryffie Squares.  These are blankets made for members of Gryffindor (my house in the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup) who are expecting a baby, or need a comfort blanket.  I thought, maybe I can make the swirl part even bigger.
Ugh!  I like this version even more.
Can you see the difference?  I can.

I have now made 2 Gryffie squares, and started the God-Daughter afghan over.
I don't know what to do with the first 2 squares I hooked together... But I really like the newest version.  I am sticking with it.  I am not going to edit this design again.  Today.

shaping the planet with squares.
It's spider season

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  1. The two squares can be a doll blanket.