Friday, November 4, 2011

I Saw You! Friday, November 4, 2011

The Sheepless in Seattle  Group on Ravelry has a discussion topic named, "Knitting I Saw You!."   Now, I don't know if other area type groups have a similar chat thread, but it's so much fun.

I have begun to do this weird (I think) thing for me while I knit.  I log on to (usually) Ravelry, and then I pick a discussion thread, and read while I knit.  This is a bit problematic, since I am not that great of a knitter, and I definitely need to look at my knitting while I'm knitting.  Anyway, I usually check out all of the new socks or sock progress photos in SKA and Solid Socks, and the projects in Sharing Our Gifts.  But since I do that a lot, that doesn't take much time.  So I have been reading other threads, which brings me back to the Sheepless thread, "Knitting I Saw You!" 

In this thread, people just write a line or two saying where they were and what they saw.  It's full of things like, "I was in the back of the 520 bus at 5:30 pm on such and such a date.  I saw you knitting something on circular needles.  It was blue and might have been a sock or mitten cuff.  It looked really soft.  I was too far away (or too shy) to say anything and then it was my stop."  Or, "I saw you knitting at the coffee shop on such and such a corner.  I was with my boyfriend (or you were with someone) so I didn't want to interrupt, but it looked like you were making a baby blanket in pink."  Then farther down, someone might say, "That was me!  I was working on this project" (with a link to their page). 

Knitters (or crocheters) found this way are called "Knitters in the wild."  I absolutely love that term. 

Another funny thing people post in this thread are sightings of FO  (finished objects).  For instance, "soybean in her beautifully crafted grey knitted slouchy beret last week while walking down Cedar across 4th. Looking all stylish and creative :)" .    Here is another one:  Saw lots of awesome hand-knit and -crocheted hats at Magnuson Park this morning during the Resolution Run. Maybe less an “I Saw U” than “I Saw Something U Made”?"  There are a bunch of posts describing knitting bags people carry.  And a whole bunch where people identify the patterns of FO's they spot.  Wow, to be able to identify a pattern in the wild! 

So, I'm reading through this thread, the earliest posts are years old, 2007 and so on.  But, I have such an urge to reply to them.  That makes no sense, but I'm just reading these posts today.  It's kind of a time machine.  Anyway, I knit in the wild all the time.  I just can't stand to sit still, must have something productive to do.  Maybe some day, someone will "see me."

Knitting Knotes:

I have made some progress on 3 of my projects.

Mystery Sweater

I have picked up the stitches for the right sleeve, and am working my way down.

I love this part of knitting.  Right now I reduce the number of stitches by 2 every six rows, soon I will start reducing every 4 rows.  It just gets faster and faster. 

Here is a closer look at the sleeve beginning:

Mr. Pitts Socks

I have finished the cuffs and am starting on the legs.  These have a 2x2 rib on the cuffs (k2 p2) changing to k3p1 on the leg.  I FROGGED the cuffs twice.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Twice.  Because it seems that I am completely incapable of counting to two.  I had almost the 2 inches of cuff finished, when I could just feel that weird wrong row where the purls were on the knits.  Since I am making these TAAT, I decided to just frog them rather than try to knit back to the wrong spot.

I really don't know why I had so much trouble.  Once the pattern of the rib is established, it is so easy to just feel the pattern.  The yarn is dark, and when the Doc is home, I knit with less light, so that causes many pattern errors for me (yes, blame it all on the Doc).  I like to be with him at night.  He watches TV and I knit.  But he likes the room dark for maximum TV watching.  The light near "my" seat on the couch, casts a glare on the TV, also, I like the over head lights on as well, for extra light.  I try to keep a fairly easy project for nighttime knitting.  You would think these socks would be perfect.  Once again, they require the ability to count to two, and now that I am on the legs, count to three.  Can I do it?

Here is the progress photo:

Sorry, they are so dark that it is tough to get a decent photo.  But this On Your Toes yarn is so soft and springy, I just love the way they feel.

Movember Mystery Sock

I have finished Clue 1 of the mystery sock for SKA's November challenge.  I am making these with the same yarn as the Mr. Pitt's socks above, just in brown.  (Kertzer's On Your Toes).  I am not sure this yarn is the best for showing off the pattern, but it feels wonderful, and the color is one I know the Doc will actually wear.  I mean, I can knit my sons pink or chartreuse socks and they will wear them because they are fun.  But the Doc wants socks he can wear to the hospital.  Let's face it, he is not a Pediatrician.  So here is that progress photo:

So far?  pretty interesting knit, and I like what I'm seeing.

Osier Socks

Nothing to report...  In my defense, I really want to get the sweater finished.  It is getting cold.  I think about those high school students with no sweaters.  My socks can wait.

C. A. Losi

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