Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! A Few Days Late Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wow, I haven't blogged for almost a full week.  This is because we went to Phoenix for Thanksgiving, and it was just too awkward to find time to  be on my computer.   I will try to post some photos of the family from the trip this week.

I did find time to knit, way less than I wanted to, though, and that was really only because my sisters in law are both learning to knit, also.

Anyway, I am still recovering a bit from the trip, but I did want to post some progress photos.

I finished my Mr. Pitt's Socks.

I ended up modifying the foot ribs since SKA Sockdown won't accept a simple ribbed sock as completing the Man Sock Challenge. 

This month's challenge has proved to be a difficult one for some odd reasons.

I wanted to make socks that would actually be worn.  The 2 man socks I made/am making, have dark plain colors.  Both were a bit difficult to knit because of the darkness of the yarn, and neither shows their pattern very well.  Also, It is surprisingly difficult to find patterns that are for MEN.  It was not enough to find a pattern that was inspired by a man, such as Neville's Socks  by Erica Lueder.  These socks are listed as unisex, which disqualifies them for the Man Sock Challenge.  Many of the socks that were designed for men, were... well... too fru fru.  like these gorgeous Not Cable Socks designed by Sockbug.  Doc would say, "Thanks," then never wear them.  Or, maybe wear them around the house.  The patterns that were plain, that I know he would wear, like Mr. Pitt's Socks, aren't allowed in the competition because they aren't a "challenge."  Though, I would argue any sock made for size 13 wide Men's feet, is a challenge!

I was lucky that the Mystery Sock for the month, Movember Mystery Sock designed by Deb Barnhill, has a pretty subtle pattern.

I think (hope) that Doc will actually wear these socks to work.

I have finished everything but the toes.  I should be able to get those done tomorrow, and make an FO (finished object) post in both SKA and SolidSocks Groups on Ravelry.

I was also able to finish another iteration of the pattern on my Red Willows, or  Osier Socks by Nicole Masson.

I started these socks TAAT (Two at a Time), but because the pattern is truly circular, involving sliding stitches back and forth from needle to needle to complete certain parts, I had to switch to 2 separate magic loops.  I am so worried that I will have an orphaned sock, meaning that I finish the first one and never get around to the second, that I am still kind of knitting them together.  I knit one iteration (or repeat) of the pattern on one sock, then switch socks, and knit that pattern iteration. Then pick up the first sock again and knit the 2nd iteration, followed by the 2nd iteration on the 2nd sock.

Anyway, I have about 2/3 of both socks' last iteration to knit, and I will be ready to knit the heel flaps.  I think I can finish both socks before November ends, and actually have 3 completed socks for both SKA (Sock Knitters Anonymous) and SolidSocks.  That would be so cool.  I love having these challenges to keep me knitting to completion.

Next month is Blue for Solid Socks, and Weird Construction for SKA.  I don't know that I can find a pattern that I really want to knit that will allow me to double dip.  Also, my Advent Scarf KAL will start December 1, and well, I really want to knit that scarf and keep up.  I will have to make a decision soon.  I might try to knit 1 solid blue sock that can double dip, then maybe cast on a weird self-striping sock just for ska that I finish in January.  Hmmm, what happy decisions.  It is so nice to have too many choices.

Tomorrow night is the November meeting of the Eastside Knitters' Guild.  I hope to attend, and do something of a write up here. I still need to officially join that group.  I will make sure to take a check tomorrow night so I can do that.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, whether or not you celebrate the American Thanksgiving, we all should take at least one day each year to think about how wonderful this world is, and give thanks.

Thank you!  all who read this blog.

C. A. Losi

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