Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bad me! Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1. Bad Me

I have not been blogging... wow, or doing much knitting, either.  I have been cleaning out my office/craft/sewing room, which we call "the cave."  We were audited by the IRS.  Well, we received a letter saying we owed money because we (meaning I, because I am the one who does the taxes) had missed something in our incredibly complicated yearly taxes 2 years ago.  So, since I had to find the form (the IRS was right!  I had missed something), I decided to clean off my desk.  As I was cleaning off the desk, I noticed that there was a spot on the ceiling above my desk.  Not that the papers were piled that high, but I don't look up much in there.  There seems to be something leaking.  The Cave is in the basement, directly below the kitchen, and the spot (it is definitely mold) is right about where the sink is.  That wall also is an outer wall, so it could possibly be something from outside... Like rain runoff hitting the wall and seeping into the foundation?  Anyway, I need to call our contractor friend ZP, and have him come make a hole in my wall/ceiling, and stop the leak.  The desk must be cleaned off for that to happen.

2. Good Friends

One of my good friends from my Disneyland days came up on a flight (she is an attendant), and since she had almost a full day layover, we met in Seattle, and spent about 5 hours together walking around the Pike Place Market.  If you haven't noticed, I wrote a children's picture book set in the Pike Place Market:  Salt & Pepper at the Pike Place Market.  It is one of my favorite places.  Such color.  So many things to see and taste.  It is truly a local spot.  Of course, in the summer it is full of tourists, but that somehow makes it more fun.  We walked a bit, ate lunch, found a coffee shop (not the original Starbucks, it was way too crowded), and had coffee and fudge.  And we TALKED.  It was so fun to catch up.  She has one daughter, and it was great to hear what her daughter (a talented singer) was doing.  I hope they can both come up together and spend more time with our family.

3. Car Talk

My 4th child, James, is soon headed off to Utah to dance with the Utah Regional Ballet and go to Utah Valley University.  We are letting him take the old family minivan.  We took it to the dealer to have its 150,000 mile check up.  $3200 !!!  to fix all of the leaking gaskets and hoses, and put in a new radiator.  It needs new tires, also, and brakes.  That is not a part of the $3200!  But he has to have a car, and this should last him through college, with only oil changes, I hope.  Yesterday, I drove with him to the dealership to drop off the car.  Then, I drove James to the orthodontist to get his braces off.  I dropped him off there, drove home and picked up Luke.  We both picked up James, and went on to the Dentist where the 2 boys had their teeth cleaned.  The one good part of that was:

4. Knitting

At the dentist, I was able to knit a bit.  I have finished the toes of Allie's Rain Socks (2nd try), and started on the ribbing pattern for the foot.  I have a photo of the toes.  I will post it next time. 

5. Roses and Blackberries

I have been working on my Irish Lace Crocheting.  I have finished the motif of the Wild Roses, except for the stems, and am starting the Blackberries.  I am still not sure what I will do with them all.  I can't decide if I want to make a pillow or the "opera bag."  I know I want to make something for my mom though.  I think she would love anything I make from that book.  It is all so cool.

C. A. Losi

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