Friday, August 12, 2011

Moving day Friday, August 12, 2011

I helped my daughter, Allie, move her stuff out of storage and into her new apartment.  And by "I helped," I mean, my youngest son, Luke, helped.  I mostly supervised.  It seemed like I carried box after box from the storage place to the suburban, then into her apartment, but it was really Luke who carried most of the stuff.  He carried the mattress and box springs, and the TV.  He is 16, but Oh, so strong.  James was supposed to be helping, but he was watching "Troy."  Wow, I was so mad at him.  It took 2 trips, and James did show up for the last trip, which included the couch.  The couch was super heavy.  The only thing we still have to move is her dresser. It is still at our house and has a big mirror attached.  It needs to be taken apart.  Am I bad because I don't want to do any of the heavy lifting?  I want the boys and Mark to do the heavy stuff.

I have finished the toes and 21 rows of the feet of the Remake of Allie's Rain Socks.  It is going somewhat slowly because I am using the 000 needles.  It seems nice and tight, though.  And I am not trying to knit super tight. 

I have made 2 blackberry leaves for my new Irish Lace motif.  They are really neat looking.  Very round.  Honest.  I need to bring everything downstairs and photograph it all so I can post photos.  I am having so much fun making these lace figures.

I have been reading the Sock Knitters Anonymous group notes for the Sock Challenge for 2010.  It started in September.  I really want to do the challenge this year.  I know it will really push my knitting abilities.

I was also reading the newsletter from Interweave, Knitting Daily about their Knitting Lab Event.  I was just reading the headings of the different classes offered.  I was so tempted.  It was like (excuse me if this offends you) knitting porn!  There are classes offered that teach different cast ons, different bind offs, different heels and toes, as well as specific projects.  It would be impossible to choose!

Some day I will go to a knitting convention.

C. A. Losi

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