Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gauge Nightmares Saturday, August 13, 2011

I just want to make a pair of socks that fit my daughter perfectly.  Is that too much to ask?  The Rain Socks (2nd try) were looking super skinny.  Remember, Allie complained that the first pair I knit were knit way too loosely, so I dropped down 2 needle sizes.  I broke one of my beautiful wooden needles trying to knit tighter in size 1 needle.  I am now using size 000.  The stitches are beautiful, and I don't have to worry about being super tight.  Also, there seems to be no laddering at all.  

HOWEVER, These socks are soooo skinny.  

So I remeasured and my stitches/in are way off.  I can't make an accurate gauge.  IDK why this is so hard for me.  I've been knitting with a 7 stitch / in gauge, and it's really more like 10!  Allie said the socks fit easily on 2 toes.  The beautiful yarn will stretch over her foot, but that's now how they should fit.  And, I know she will never get them over her heels.  So big do-over #3!  At least I had only completed the toes and about 1/2 of the toe - gusset.

7.9 x 10 = 79, this just seems so huge.  And 78 ends up with odd numbers on each needle,
so 76 for 100%

100 % = 76
75% = 57
50% = 38
25% = 19

Toe to Gusset length (TGL)
X = 10 1/4 in (desired sock length for size 7)
Y = 56 stitches [gusset and heel cup (75% of sock width - 1)]
Z = 11 (rows / inch)
X - (Y / Z) = 10.25 - (56/11) = 5.06818 inches

Total rows 5.05818 x 11 = 55.75 rows (rounding down) to 55 row for TGL
Toes = 19 rows
foot = tgl - toe = 55-19 = 36 rows

I will make the toes, then knit 36 rows, then start the gusset increases.

Tearing out yet again!
C. A. Losi

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