Monday, May 2, 2011

Volleyball and Knitting

Saturday, I went to Holly's volleyball tournament south of Tacoma.  It is about a 1 hour drive down, and the tournament, a 2 day one, was to go from 9 - 4 both Saturday and Sunday.  Since it was the team's last tournament of the season, I planned to stay to watch and (more importantly) get in some serious knitting.  Knitting is one of those wonderful things I can do WHILE DOING OTHER THINGS!  I can watch TV and knit.  I can chat with friends and knit.  I can watch ballet class and knit.  And yes, I can watch a volleyball game and knit.  So with all that time sitting in the stands  before me, I planned on finishing the square for James's afghan, and starting another.  O! the best laid plans of mice and knitters...

Of course, it did not happen.  Firstly, Holly lost her black spandex volleyball shorts and had brought in their place, Eva's dark blue running shorts.  Well, these volleyball people are serious, and if every single member of the 13 and under team is not wearing the EXACT SAME UNIFORM, they are disqualified.  So, Holly sat on the side, her team played their games against the first opponent in their bracket, and I followed my gps to the nearest Sports Authority in search of new black spandex shorts.  Linda D. kept me apprised of the team's progress with texts (3 horrible losses), as I drove through the streets of University Place.

I returned in time for the 2nd series of horrible losses against the 2nd team in the bracket.  I sat in the stands, knitting furiously, while Holly got in some nice bumps.  During the 3rd game of the series, our team got into their groove a bit, and had some nice volleys going.  But now faced with 2 losses, we were done for the day except for the team members doing their turn at line judges.  I was able to finish about half of what I had planned.  ARRGH!  Why isn't the team better?

So I drove Holly and her teammate buddy, Emily, back to our house where they watched The Sound of Music.  Once home was I able to knit?  Of course not!  This is exactly why I was so happy to go to the tournament.  I cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, then played with Scott (ok, that last part was fun).  I drove Holly and Emily to Emily's house where they spent the night.  The very very helpful Linda D. drove both girls to the Sunday part of the tournament and home again.

I finally finished the square Sunday night.  I have cast on the stitches for my next square.  I am more than half way finished with this afghan.  And am very excited about that.

C. A. Losi

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