Monday, May 23, 2011

Daily Schedule 5.23.11

I have resisted putting a schedule on this blog because
1. this is a knitting blog, and therefore my schedule should be about knitting
2. I will then be embarrassed at how little of my schedule I accomplish

But, my family will be changing hugely in about 1 month when school gets out.  Our 3 foster children will be going home to live with their dad.  Luke will head off to dance in Pittsburgh with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School.  James will be all over, dancing in Utah then traveling through France with Olivier, his best friend from kindergarten who has moved to France.  We will go from a family of 10 with 9 living at home, to a family of 7 with 4 at home.  Weird Weird Weird!  Summer has not always meant a slower pace for me, especially when the kids were all home and we were doing swim team and tennis lessons.  But lately, my pace almost grinds to a halt.

(I am throwing in a photo here because I have decided that I like blogs with photos, and my first poppy has bloomed.) 

So, I was thinking of the perfect daily schedule for my summer:

1 hour of knitting
1/2 ish hour of walking (expanded on park/trail days)
1 hour of writing
30 min of cleaning/housework except for laundry which can be weaved in
30 min of dinner set up/cooking (I like to get this done in the morning)
Rest of the day spent playing on-line games and knitting

Wow, what decadence.  I had thought to start my day with walking, but sometimes I wake up quite early, and I don't always want to walk that early, especially if I plan to walk one of our many city park trails.  We shall see if I stick to this schedule at all.

Right now my schedule is more:
6am wake kids (repeat this for the next 45 minutes with various kids who just won't get up)
change the laundry
make coffee and breakfast for James (who is trying to eat protein so needs a cooked breakfast)
often drive kids to school who have missed their bus
Grocery shop (this happens EVERY day with this giant family of ours)
at about 8:30- 9:00 return home and clean the kitchen, make dinner, change the laundry/fold/deliver laundry
9 - 12 knitting/housework/computer/finances/etc.
12 - 1:30pm Aion
1:45 - 8 Drive kids around (I am not kidding)  knit while waiting for kids to be done with what ever I just drove them to.
8:30 - midnight Aion!

With the midnight Aion (which is an on-line multi-player game I am always sooooo tired at 6 am, but I need the points I am getting from the group instance we are doing.  And we can only get enough people up to do that instance at about 10 pm every night.  It's crazy.  You can only understand these things if you are a gamer.

So, Today I hope my schedule can be:
1 hour  (or one episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Netflix) of Knitting
grocery shopping
dinner set up/cooking
Driving kids (knitting interspersed)
more Aion

You will notice that there is no walking, or writing.  Well maybe I will sneak in some writing.  I already snuck in 30 min of blogging =)

C. A. Losi

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