Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quick Update 5.13.11

Just a quick post to say I finished the 11th square of James's afghan!  and LOL, when I checked it, i found an error way way at the beginning.  I was thinking it was error free. Oh well.  I will take and post a photo tomorrow.  Also, I laid out the squares I have finished so far, and they had better stretch while blocking because there are a few very small squares, and some giant ones.

I have finished the neck decreases on the sheep puppets, and am half-way through the heads.

Also, I finished Luke's Giselle shirt and altered James's Giselle shirt.  Both boys need to try the shirts on so I can see where to put the waist elastic.  I really wanted them to just cinch in the waist with a belt. But D-had wants everyone to see their manly physiques...

I am very very tired after a really fun AS Boss run.  Big day tomorrow with haircuts for Holly and Scott.


C. A. Losi

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