Friday, May 6, 2011

Sewing for Ballet 5.6.11

I have not posted in a few days because I have been busy sewing a shirt for James to wear while dancing in Giselle.  His teacher, D-Had, wanted a white peasant shirt, to be worn with black tights and black shoes.  I have made 3 different color peasant shirts for different dances and variations before, and I wanted to try a new pattern. 

I really like this look, though James thinks the sleeves are too "puffy."  I will take it to class today, and let D-Had decide.  I can take in the sleeves a bit if she doesn't like them.  If the shirt is approved, I get to spend the weekend, making a similar shirt for Luke.

I plan to make some simple black elastic belts to cinch in the waists for the 2 boys.

As for knitting, I am now half way finished with the new afghan square.  It is the reversible cable square.  Each cable consists of 8 stitches alternating 2K 2P 2K 2P.  This has the effect of letting the cable appear on both sides of the square.  It is really cool.  The parts that are purled, disappear on the purl side, and appear as knit cables on the back.  And Vice versa.  The knit cables are purls on the back, and somehow disappear into the cable. 

I have been using my knit while I sit (in the bathroom) plan for 3 days now, and am happy to say that I am making steady progress on the sheep puppets. 

Mother's Day is this weekend.  Of course I have nothing for Mom, but I did download a bunch of fun dishcloth patters from the KnitPicks website   Perhaps next year!

C. A. Losi

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