Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wild 'n' Wooly Saturday


Baby Alpacas!

Yes, we had baby alpacas on show at the Kelsey Creek Park Wild 'n' Wooly Sheep Shearing Day.

I joined the local Knitters Guild to demonstrate spinning.

There were hundreds of people (at least it seemed like that many) walking through the big white barn
where we were doing our demonstrations.
There was a table set up for people to try out dying fiber,

and another table with one of the things I found fascinating, swatches of different fibers spun and knit up to touch.  These included everything from baby camel to various breeds of dog and even a cat swatch.

The kids were not the only people interested in how fiber is turned into yarn, in fact adults were probably more interested.  I had to explain a few times that my spinning wheel does not have any type of needle, and it is almost impossible to prick your finger on a spinning wheel.

There was this one really fun guy from Bavaria.
He was so interested that he rode his bike back home to get his camera, then had us demonstrate exactly how we spun the yarn.  He kept saying that no one knows how to spin in Germany, that it is a lost craft, and that he wants to learn how to do this.  I tried to tell him that there are many spinners in Germany, it's just that he doesn't know them.

It was fun to see someone so excited by this craft.

Amigirl came by with her son, and ReadnitDream and her daughter also stopped in.

The weather threatened rain, but it held off, and everyone was able to enjoy all of the outdoor activities which included sheep dog demonstrations as well as the shearing.  Such a fun day.

shaping the planet with almost a spool of yarn!

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