Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Eastside Stitchers Sit in the Middle

If you can wear pig tales... well, then, you should wear them!

The big round tables were occupied when JitteryKnitter and Puzan arrived at Crossroads tonight, so they grabbed some tables in the center and discovered that the light was way better there.  When I arrived, one of the big round tables opened up, but we decided to stay at the square tables, which were a  squished together in a long rectangle.

We started off with 2 babies.  Today was just lovely, and I believe a park was involved.  VanesaPolo and the lovely Emma came to knit with us after enjoying the park.  VanesaPolo cast on the 3 stitches for the icord "nipple" on a Knitted Knocker, but didn't get much farther.
Puzan brought a variety of gorgeous shawls to work on.  I think the first one was called Sweet Summer Shawl.
The yarn is Madelinetosh Twist Light, and is jut beautiful.  When Puzan was finished working on that shawl, she knit a few teeth on her Hitchhiker.
Puzan is using Crazy Zauberball, and the long stripes are working beautifully with this pattern.

WireKnitter has been on a blocking binge.  She brought 3 beautiful FO's to share.  And was beginning a new lace shawl.
ReadnitDream was knitting one half of a Bias Before and After Scarf.

After a bit, she too, brought a finished shawl to Show and Tell, Edison, by Lynn Di Cristina.
JitteryKnitter was knitting a colorwork hat.
By the end of the evening, it was off the needles, and on the head!

GwenS is almost finished with her second 3 Color Cashmere Cowl.
Colleen showed up in time to knit with us before the night was over.
She brought a cowl in sock yarn.

After a few days of working on the taxes (not finished yet!), it was wonderful to just hang out and knit with friends.

shaping the planet with pointy sticks.

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