Thursday, April 23, 2015

Don't Judge Me


I can always tell when I have been bad about posting on my blog because I have all these days of photos of my gorgeous view still in the camera... and not on the blog.

We have been having the most wonderful weather in the Pacific Northwest.  The days are warming up (we hit a high record this week!)  And while it has often rained, it has been pretty sunny.  Add that the days are getting longer and longer, and, well, it is just a beautiful Spring.

I made it to knitting at Crossroads with the Eastside Stitchers last Wednesday, but was so tired when I got home, that I just couldn't post.  I made it to knitting at Crossroads with the Eastside Stitchers THIS Wednesday, but forgot my camera.

So, I am going to try to post the photos from last week.  But, I have no/little idea who was knitting what.

I am hoping that my buddies will pm me on Ravelry, and I will edit this post with the proper names and projects.

How does that sound?  Blogging by committee.
Someone was starting something... Don't know what... Don't know who.  It looks like it is gray.  (how's that for reporting?)  Wait, I think this is NightOrchid.   What was she starting?

I'm pretty sure this square is from Puzan.  We are putting squares together for a special project.  More about that in a later post (probably in June).
BlueBerryMary was deconstructing a sweater from a thrift shop.
 Addie was celebrating the weather with Pig Tails!
This project has got to be JitteryKnitter's Loop.  If I remember correctly, she was binding off?
O dear, I totally don't remember.  This looks like a shawl?  Could this be ReadnitDream?

Pretty sure this is Wajio working on a Knitted Knocker.
This is BlueBerryMary's vest she is knitting for her darling husband from reclaimed yarn.  She brought the finished vest this Wednesday, and it is lovely.
I believe GwenS was starting something beautiful for Addie.
I think this is Colleen.  If I am right, it is most likely a baby blanket for charity.

Here is a photo of my Seahawks Vortex Afghan.  (all but the border)
It's a bit bigger than 5' x 4'.  I'm donating it to BAEOP, my professional organization who is going to raffle it off to raise money for their scholarship fund.  Let me know if you want to buy a ticket.

This Saturday is the Wild 'n' Wooly Festival at Kelsy Creek Farm in Bellevue.  I will be there with Wajio (and possibly BlueWolfWalking).  We will be doing spinning demonstrations all day long.  If any of my local readers show up, I would love to say hello!

shaping the planet with knitting friends.

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