Wednesday, April 1, 2015



I've been in a crazy crunch trying to get every project I've been working on finished by midnight tonight so I could earn points for Gryffindor for March.  Most of my stuff has horrible photos because of that.  Well, the crunch is part of the reason for the bad photos, but also, I've been going to the gym after work every day (woot! 7 days in a row!), and by the time I get home, the good light is gone.  Soon, that won't matter as the sun sets pretty late here in the summer.  But for now, I'm taking horrible photos of everything with flash.

Anyway,  I just love the craziness of the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup game.  This month alone:

I finished my double knit There and Back Again Story Scarf
12 squares for my Seahawls Vortex Afghan for the BAEOP Raffle:
Don't ask why I made 12.  I was supposed to make 10, but somehow I lost count and made 2 extra.

I knit 2 pair of socks:

I finished 3 Knockers for Knitted Knockers:
I hooked a rather ugly hat for Quidditch (then promptly frogged it.)
And I spun my 3rd skein of yarn for the year, 220 yds.
Over April, the "break" month, I will hook that afghan together and give it a border and plan plan plan what I want to make in the HPKCHC Spring Term!

shaping the planet with lots of FO's

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