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It looks like this week will be another crazy one, so I wanted to get one more blog post in just in case I am too busy this week to post.

Tomorrow night is the regular meeting for the Eastside Knitters Guild at Crossroads in Bellevue from 6:30 - 8:30.  Susan Gehringer, a local knitwear designer, will be talking about publishing her first book of designs.  I am really looking forward to hearing this talk.

Wednesday and Thursday I will be tutoring students in Math.

Wednesday, also, I will be at the Eastside Stitchers meet-up at Crossroads. 

Saturday morning I am catching a very early flight to So. California to visit with my brother, and I will be flying back on Sunday night.

Whew!  And, on Friday, the Spring Term of the HPKCHC starts!  So I will begin frantically knitting again.

I have not really been doing much knitting this month.  Well, I have been knitting, but other than one knocker for Knitted Knockers, I haven't finished anything.

I have been knitting swatches.  You see, I am planning to do a Herbology OWL this term.  For those readers not in the HPKCHC, an OWL is a project that should take about 3 months to complete.  Since the "classes" for the house cup last only a month, the game favors short projects.  The Advanced Studies projects (NEWT, OWL  and Order of the Phoenix) give students a chance to knit/crochet something bigger that can't be completed in just one month.

The Herbology OWL is either cables or lace.  I am planning on making 3 pair of cabled socks.  I will probably make one of CookieA's complicated patterns, then design the other 2 myself.  I have been swatching cable patterns all month.

I am planning for one of the socks to be a "choose your own adventure" sock with 15 different (yes, 15!) possible cable patterns that all go together.  So you can either roll dice or use a random number generator to decide which cable pattern to use next.

Here is a photo of the long tube I have been knitting to see what my cable charts look like when knitted up.
I think this will be a really fun project.  I just need to figure out what I'm doing on the heels, and the socks will be ready to go.

Then, I need to look at some more cable ideas for the 2nd design.  All this on top of everything else!  But it has been really fun to play with how the cables move across the face of the sock.

shaping the planet with wiggly cables.
PS, JitteryKnitter:  If you are reading this from CA, Puzan did NOT come to knitting on either Wed, or Sunday.  We miss you both!

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