Sunday, March 8, 2015

Vacation is Awesome


Lovely weather we are having.

A little over a week ago, I was on February Break.  I had the whole week off, and planned to do nothing but knit.  Before the break started, my students asked me what I was going to do for vacation.  I always answered, "Nothing but knitting."

The vacation started off really well.  JulieMustKnit and I drove down to Tacoma for the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival.

This was Julie's first time going to the festival.  Neither of us was taking any classes, but some of our knitting friends, Redbird1, JitteryKnitter, etc., were taking classes, and so we planned to hit the market, sit and knit in the Rotunda, and have lunch with Knitting Buddies.

And that is what we did.
We arrived a little after 9 am when the morning classes were in session, so there were open tables in the rotunda.  We left our knitting bags at a table and walked through the market.  Neither of us bought anything, but we were very very tempted.  There is so much really lovely yarn and fiber at this festival.

I was wearing my newest Advent Calendar Scarf, and the ladies at the various stalls that were selling lace patterns stopped me to chat about techniques.  That was really fun.  I had brought a pair of double knit socks that I was making for my Godson.
These are meant to be knit as stranded colorwork, the pattern is Sheep may Safely Graze by Caoua Coffee, but since the floats are so long, I decided to knit them in double knit, and give them to him as slippers.
Really.  Maybe it was the red and white.  Maybe it was the sheep.  People kept stopping by to comment.  We saw many many beautiful shawls, cowls and sweaters.  I saw at least 4 different Lefties.  All of them were beautiful, and made me want to knit that shawl.
We saw Lucy Neatby.

Really, it was a wonderful day.

shaping the planet on vacation.

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