Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Daylight Saving Sucks

the sun stays out later, but it is not worth the hour of lost sleep.  And, here in the Pacific Northwest, the sun would be staying out later in about one more week anyway. 

Ok, a quick peek at my Round One socks for Sock Madness.
They are a texture pattern.  I really like them.  Here are the legs spread out on blockers:
In order to move on, and be placed on a team (Round 1 is the Preliminary Round), I have to complete at least half of 2 socks or 1 complete sock by March 15.  These photos are from Sunday, and I have finished the heels and picked up the gussets.  My hope is to finish by Friday, March 13. 

shaping the planet with a sleep deprived headache.

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