Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Eastside Stitchers: Busted!

Tonight at Crossroads, the Mall Cops came by and made us move a table.  Honestly.  It happened like this:

We had a pretty good turn out for Knit Night, and needed a second table, but there were 2 people sitting at the other big round table.  Also, there was someone sitting at the nearest rectangle table.  So, we grabbed one of the tables in the middle area between the Italian Pasta restaurant, Ziti, and Bellevue Cafe, and moved it over so it was "attached" to our big round table.  About 5 minutes later, two, count them, two mall cops were standing next to us telling us that we couldn't have the table like that.

Well, we scoot tables together all the time.  However, we had put the square table on the end that stuck out into the "walkway" so I could see that we needed to move it.  I said we would be happy to move the table to the side, and as we got up, the Mall Cop said that we couldn't use that table at all and had to return it to the middle.


I had no idea that we couldn't move one of those tables.  Also, the guy was kind of a jerk in the way he said it.  He could have apologized, and said that he was sorry but the mall policy was, ... etc.   But he just said that we couldn't use that table and to move it back.

We moved it, and by that time, the people sitting at the rectangular table had left, so we were able to scoot that table over.
So who were the scofflaws knitting at Crossroads tonight?

 JitteryKnitter brought a cowl to frog and a shawl to knit...with the same yarn.

Puzan brought 3 different projects (all cowls, though she kept claiming they were hats), and as far as I could tell, she knit on all three of them simultaneously.
WireKnitter has returned from exotic locations, and brought a beautiful shawl, and a story of much frogging.
Tara1682 finally got off work early enough to make it to knitting.  She brought a new hat pattern.  I wasn't sure for a minute as I looked at my photos just whose knitting this is, then I noticed that color and knew it had to be Tara's.
BlueBerryMary was wearing her beautiful finished Linen Stitch Scarf.  She was knitting a Vintage vest with some of the yarn she reclaimed from a sweater she bought at a thrift shop.
Chockelet brought her There and Back again Scarf, but she mostly worked on her Hitchhiker.
CathieC brought the beginning/a swatch of an Intarsia Sheep Pillow.

She is taking a class on making the pillow at Tolt, and she was knitting the beginning of the pillow as the swath.  Unfortunately, her gauge was off, so she will have to frog and try again with another size needle.
ReadnitDream was wearing her No Swatch Hat (by VanesaPolo).  She brought some newly spun yarn to Show and Tell.
Her Daughter brought some knitting.
ReadnitDream, herself, was knitting a Nymphaledia.
DomesticShorthair brought her beautiful Petal Cowl.
Finally, guess who showed up with a new baby blanket on the needles?

Colleen!  We hadn't seen her in quite a while, so it was super fun to have her join us at the round (and rectangular) table.

shaping the planet from behind bars (not really)

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