Sunday, March 22, 2015

More of the Eastside Stitchers First Knitting Retreat

On Camano Island for our first Eastside Stitchers Knitting Retreat, we awoke to sunshine after a night of wind and rain.  The house was large enough that the early risers were able to get up, eat something and start knitting without disturbing the late sleepers.
The tide was on the way out, and it was fun to watch how quickly it receded.
The rest of our group arrived and got to knitting.

People found their own comfortable spots.
Some were at the diningroom table.  Some in the sitting room.

Some just looked for a good place in the light.
Lunch was a "do your own thing" meal, but for dinner we had a Taco Bar.  Everyone brought something to share,

Puzan was the best organizer!
Sunday morning was sunny, and the sunrise was lovely.  First there was this weird spot of rainbow on the mainland.
There must have been rain.  As the sun rose a bit more, the sky,and water, lit up.
Finally, it was bright enough to see the Cascades in the distance.
And then Mt. Baker was revealed in all it's glory.
There was more knitting.
And a bit of bird watching as we were visited by a young bald eagle.  Redbird1 was with us in spirit (and yarn.)
On the way home, we stopped by PinchKnitter's Yarn Shop in Stanwood for a bit of Stash Enhancement.  As a group, we finished over 11 projects during the retreat.

We have tagged them with ESSRetreatMar2015 if you want to check them out on Ravelry.

shaping the planet with a weekend of knitting.

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