Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday Meet up for Eastside Stitchers

It was a bit of a quiet night at Crossroads for the regular Wednesday night meet up for Eastside Stitchers. It was super relaxing to just hang out and see what people are working on.

I arrived fairly early, but Wajio beat me to the round table near Starbucks and Half-Price Books.  She was working on her navy and white mittens for the Detroit Achievement Academy.  This time, I got a photo of her finished mitten.
She has started the second mitten, but right now it is mostly a pile of yarn.
There was some story about grabbing a set of the wrong size circular needles, and knitting up to the thumb gusset before she realized that she had the wrong size circular needles, and then having to frog the whole second mitten... Wajio found the right needles though, and cast on and was knitting away before she left for home.

CathieC was knitting her sample charted square.  She has designed her own pattern, made a chart, and is now knitting it.
CathieC is still working on her beautiful MacArthur Park Poncho, but at home.  Imagine knitting on that Poncho in this heat!

Guess what Tara1682 is knitting?  ha ha ha I think that Tara1682 and Puzan are the easiest members to "Guess the Project."  Well, Wireknitter might be in that group, too.  Just as Puzan is most likely to be knitting a cowl, and Wireknitter is most likely to be knitting a shawl, Tara is most likely to be knitting a...
Linen Stitch Scarf!

Speaking of Wireknitter and knitting shawls... she brought 2 in for show and tell.  The first is one she designed herself after taking a class at Madrona on designing lace shawls.

There were some excuses about how the center pattern repeats don't line up with the side section pattern repeats, blah blah blah, but you know how we are all our own worst critics.  The shawl is beautiful.

Wireknitter's next show and tell is another shawl.
This was a mystery kal by Susan Ashcroft and it is called the 3-3-1 Mystery KAL.  The construction is very interesting, and although the pattern has lace, it isn't overwhelmed by the beautiful Blue Moon Fibers Socks that Rock handpainted yarn.

The last thing Wireknitter brought tonight is her actual project, which is another shawl!
I brought afghan squares, the ones I showed you yesterday, and spent the evening hooking them together into rows.  I have 2 rows finished.

Right before we left for the evening, Caam704 (Colleen) arrived!  She did not bring her knitting, but we hope to see her back at the group with needles in hand, soon.

shaping the planet with regular buddies!

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