Friday, August 29, 2014

More about the Harry Potter Tour


I have a few minutes with a computer again, so I thought I would try to add a post about the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Moogie and I moved her into her dorm in Bloomsbury in Central London.  NYC London uses the campus of the University of Central London, and it is a great location.  In fact, today Moogie and I walked to the British Museum and spent time with the Rosetta Stone!  There is so much that is really easy walking distance for her.

But, the Warner Brothers Studio, London, was NOT walking distance.  We took a subway to an over ground train out to some end of London.  When we bought the tickets, the ticket seller said, "Going to the Harry Potter Tour?"  And when we asked how he knew, he said there is nothing else out there.  ha ha ha.

When we got off that train, there were double decker busses with Harry Potter photos all over them.  I think it cost another $2 (I don't have a pound symbol) each for that bus.  That took us right to the studio.  We met up with Teknosugar, MariaSamira and Jensta79 who are all in my Pride, the Sugar Quills, in Gryffindor.  Jensta79 brought her son who was an absolute doll.  We really took our time going through the tour.  Basically, they show you a short film, then just let you loose on the sound stages.  There are two large sound stages that have everything from props, sets and costumes
the mirror of erised
and you can just wander as long as you wish.  We didn't get the audio guides, but just read the cards in front of all of the items.

Between the two stages, there is an outdoor area with food, butterbeer (a lot like cream soda), and exterior sets.
The second sound stage is full of models.  They have scale models of the sets, as well as a lot of the animatronic robots that were used in the films.  It was really cool to see the robot part of the Monster Book of Monsters.  Then they have a complete Diagon Alley.
I wish the light were better because I could have taken a thousand photos.  The final room has the model of Hogwarts that they used for fly overs, etc. in the films.  It was just beautiful.

Also, I can't say enough how fun it was to meet my fellow Gryffindors in real life.  Moogie kept saying how nice my friends were.  She thought that I was meeting up with people from Bellevue, and just laughed at me when she realized that it was my HPKCHC friends that we were going on the tour with.

I tried to get photos of anything knit.  I think I got a decent one of the Weasley Blanket that is on Ron's bed in the Gryffindor Dorm.  I'm using Moogie's photos right now as I don't have a way to upload mine onto her computer.

When I get home, I will have about 1000000000000 photos to sort through.

We hope to hit a few more museums this afternoon.  If I get another chance at the computer, I'll try to update when I can.

shaping the planet from NYC London
O!  p.s. I finished the mittens and a hat for the Detroit Achievement Academy.  Well, finished all but weaving in the last ends as I hope to turn them in for WIP the first on Sept. 1 and the Fall Term of HPKCHC.

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