Monday, August 18, 2014

I'm in Germany!!

sorry no photos yet because the wifi at the first hotel in Passau is too slow.  we have had some funny adventures already, including this super old computer in the hotel's business center.  it has a keyboard with many unfamiliar symbols.  it took me forever to figure out how to type a @ because it is in the bottom right of the Q key and i couldn't figure out how to get a symbol in that spot to show up.  for further reference, there is a key named "Alt Gr" that seems to access those symbols.  also, the Y key and Z key are switched so i keep tzping z's when i want to tzpe y's.  see what i mean.

the weather is cool and a bit rainy, we could get soaked tomorrow.  moogie and i keep telling each other that is all part of the adventure.  germanz is beautiful.  we left seattle at 6, sorrz for no caps, but that is a bit different on this kezboard, too and it's a pain.  ha ha also the apostrophe is switched with this symbol ä  so i keep having to back space and put in the '

anyway, we left seattle at 6 am, arrived in newark, nj at about 2 pm.  left there at 530 pm and arrived in berlin at about 630 am.  the flight to newark was very bumpy, but the flight to germany was pretty smooth.

the computer wont let me show the flights part of the trip.  i hope the map embeds ok.

anyway, off to bed, we are riding 38 miles tomorrow!!

o! wanted to say that the woman behind me on the train to passau was knitting.  we chatted very briefly, mostly she was knitting a summer sweater in what looked like linen or cotton and silk, she looked at the mittens i was knitting and said, "very warm." then pointed to her sweater and said, "for summer."  i laughed, pointed to my mittens and said, "for winter."

shaping the planet from passau, germany!!

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