Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Last Wed Night with my Eastside Stitcher Buddies Until Sept.


I was going to name this post:  This is Why My Daughter, Allifer, Sucks, but, as it was a Wednesday night meet up of the Eastside Stitchers, and I am headed to Europe on Sunday to ride through Austria with Moogie and visit Hogwarts with my Gryffindor mates, I needed to make this post about the meet up and not about how while Allifer has finished her 2 rows of the Wedding Afghan, and dropped them off for me to attach, she

Her squares are lovely, but really..... ugh, the meanness of her to make me weave in for her!

Here is my part of the afghan:
When I get it all sewn together and the border finished (tomorrow night I hope) and THE ENDS WOVEN IN, I will take a finished photo to post.  Honestly, though I get sick and tired of using these three colors, they do combine into a beautiful afghan.  I am really proud of our work, and know the bride and groom are getting a piece of art.

Ok, on to Eastside Stitchers, and who made it to Crossroads for the Wednesday night meet up.  First I have to say that we are having the weirdest hottest weather.  Global Warming stinks.  We finally had some rain last night, and when I say rain, I mean not our usual Pacific Northwest drizzle.  It absolutely poured.  We got more rain in one night than we usually get for the entire month of August shattering the record set 32 years ago.  The rain helped with the wild fires that have been burning a huge part of our state east of the Cascades, but since there was a lot of lightning, there is a chance that more fires were also started... and in my city, Bellevue, there was flooding because of how much rain fell so fast.  Luckily, there was no flooding in my neighborhood, but then we are super hilly.

Anyway, because of all this weird weather, we had a small group at the round table in Crossroads near Half-Price Books and Starbucks.

Chockelet was at the table when I arrived.  She brought the most amazing cowl that she was casting on.  Honestly, I think she has to cast on over 400 stitches on one needle, knit for a while, then cast on another 400+ stitches on another needle, knit THAT, and then graft everything together.  Brave woman.
Chockelet also spent some time entertaining the beautiful Addie (or Addie spent time entertaining her...)

Wajio brought her second pair of navy mittens for the Detroit Achievement Academy.
She is wisely knitting these 2-at-a-time.  I need to get knitting as I am still on my first pair of navy mittens for the school!
ReadNitDream brought an afghan she is hooking.
Another brave woman to be working on an afghan in August.

The beautiful Addie did not come to knitting alone.  She brought her mom, GwenS, who was knitting a cowl in ... Malabrigo of course.
I worked with Addie on having "Malabrigo" for her first word.  She seemed more interested in singing.  Smart girl.

I woven in Allifer's ends, then got in another row on my navy mittens. Weaving in is relatively painless when you are chatting with friends and enjoying the lovely Addie.

shaping the planet with knitting buddies

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