Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I walked today

Happy Birthday to my husband, Doc.  He is 1 month older than I am, so for this one month, we will make many jokes about his age.  All such joke will cease abruptly when I join him in age.

I love living in the Pacific Northwest.  It is so amazingly green here, all of the time.  I just got back from visiting my son in Utah, and while the drive there was beautiful, and the snow on the Rockies was beautiful, it is very very brown.  Even though our deciduous trees are turning red, orange and gold, our evergreens (Washington is the Evergreen State for a reason) are well, ever green.  As I was walking today, I kept thinking how nice all my neighbors' yards look.  LOL!  I often wish they would put up small signs naming their plants.  There were some ornamental grasses that are turning reddish, and looked super lovely.  I wonder what they are?  There are still some flowers blooming, black eyed Susans, and some kind of daisy.  Also, the dahlia's are still blooming, as well as mums and pansies.  I'm thinking of buying a flat of pansies to plant over my daffodil and tulip bulbs in our large pots that line our front deck.  They might bloom all winter, and then the bulb plants can push up through them in the Spring.

I wrote a small poem about the lengthening nights when I got back from the walk:

October Walk

The autumnal solstice
passed weeks ago. 
Each night lasts
longer, each sunrise  
happens later.  Kids 
waiting for the school
bus, queue 
in darkness, chatting 
sleepily, oblivious 
to the constant
drizzle, too tired
to notice the sun
lazily creeping over
the Cascades blushing
their faces orange.

Back to knitting

I have finished one heel of my Watercress Mystery Socks for Luke, and am working on the 2nd sock.  I hope to have it finished today, and be well onto the legs.  I have again cheated and read ahead on Clue 4 which is the top.  It looks very challenging.  The first heel did not go smoothly, I think I counted a bit wrong.  Why is counting so tough?  It looks ok though.  I am once again, just muscling through.  It is impossible to go back at this point.  

I am working on Hermione's Every Day Socks for Hannah.  Wow, they are so beautiful.  It is a very simple pattern, again, can I count to 4?, but with the gorgeous yarn I am using, they will be amazing looking. 

I am in love with Madelinetosh Tosh Sock Yarn.  Seriously thinking of dumping my husband, Doc, and just marrying the yarn.  But as it is Doc's birthday, I will stick with him.  

C. A. Losi

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