Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hermione Has Legs! October 19, 2011

I walked yesterday, and if grocery shopping, then taking 5 loads of groceries into our house counts as walking, I walked this morning.  I don't think it does, so I will make an effort to get off the couch and walk this afternoon.

We have been having absolutely lovely Fall days here in the PNW.  The air is crisp but not cold, the skies alternate with featherings of clouds and unblemished blue.  The moon is visible in the mornings, and as I crest our hill, I have the moon in the East, and the lake and Mountain in the West.  A small haiku about the morning moon:

As I walk out of
Fall, the morning moon wanes from
gibbous to crescent.

Knitting Knews!

I absolutely CRANKED on the Hermione Socks for Hannah.  I am finished with the legs and ready to begin the heels. 

The texture pattern is so simple and subtle.  I might try to get a photo in natural light so you can see it better.  Easy Peasy (if you can count to 4, which I sometimes have trouble with, and have to go back and fix).  Again, I am still in the throes of my love affair with the Madelinetosh Tosh Sock Yarn I am using for this project.  I will finish at least 1 of the heels today, I vow this. 

O!  almost forgot, I dropped down to size 00 circular needles.  I feel like I am knitting tightly.  The bent shape of my needles tells me that I am knitting tightly, but I just couldn't get my gauge right.  I was stuck at 7.5 st/in which was making these socks super wide.  Hannah has wide feet, but I want these to be wearable socks, and they were too wide, even for her.

I have also begun my Mystery Sweater for the Sharing Our Gifts Across America Group.  160 stitches cast on.  Wow, a lot bigger than a sock... but truly, since I'm used to making socks TAAT (2 -at-a-time), and socks usually have about 64 stitches each, it isn't that many more stitches.  Also, the yarn is DK weight, and so is knitting up quickly.  I am almost finished with the bottom band and ready to start the first pattern repeats:

I am throwing in a photo of my son, Luke, modeling his new Watercress Socks.  They aren't blocked, so look really wrinkly, and they seem a bit big, but he is not wearing them over ballet shoes (which they are meant for), but look at his gorgeous arch!

  What nice ballet feet he has.

C. A. Losi

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